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Humility and Leadership

February 20, 2016
Leaders ought to exercise humility as it is one of the dominant attributes of business persons and owners. Companies fail due to the presence of dysfunctional and incomplete leaders who believe they know everything and cannot exercise humility. Alphonso Barnum is a humble servant of God. He is a true worshiper who found his End Times Praise Ministries in 2000. He also attended the International Fellowship family Worship Center where he obtained his authority as God’s minister after completing his studies. Mr. Barnum has been preaching the good news to his community.

Alphonso Barnum is a businessman who has been in entrepreneurship for a long time, over 20 years. His has acquired broad business skills that make him a good business expert. In the US, somebody’s propensity to entrepreneurship and personal wealth exhibits strong positive correlation. For instance, there are less than 9% of the household's entrepreneurs, but they hold almost 40% of net worth. The reason for the phenomenon is that credit constraints present a significant hindrance to entry for the individuals with less wealth.

Alphonso is also an ordained minister of God and once served as the President of the Ushers. He has a calling in serving God. Mr. Barnum attended the International Fellowship family Worship Center and got ordained as God minister. He has always spread the Gospel to his people. 1998 was the year that Mr. Barnum received Christ. Alphonso loved being in the presence of God and desired to work with him always. He proceeded to be an Armorbearer to help Apostle James E. Lee.